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Unifying Metaphysical Pluralism

Academic output

Research output springing from this project is listed below.


  • 2018: Mulder, J.M. ‘The Limits of Humeanism’. European Journal for Philosophy of Science 8(3): 671–87 (link)
  • 2018: Naastepad, C.W.M. and Mulder, J.M. ‘Robots and Us: Towards an Economics of the “Good Life”‘. Review of Social Economy 76(3): 302–34 (link)

Invited talks

  • November 21, 2018: ‘A puzzle about higher-order theories of consciousness’, contribution to the Tokyo Forum for Analytic Philosophy. (link).
  • May 2, 2018: invited lecture at Leipzig University (Institutskolloquium), entitled ‘Determination and Determinism’ (link).
  • May 3, 2018: research discussion at Leipzig University around a draft paper entitled ‘Self-Consciousness and Individuation’.
  • May 30, 2018: invited lecture at UCL Institute of Education in London, entitled ‘Varieties of Individuation: A Metaphysical Exploration’ (link).
  • October 5–7, 2018: invited lecture at the Self-Consciousness and Objectivity Conference, held at Chicago University, entitled ‘Not So Simple Powers’ (link).