Unifying Metaphysical Pluralism


Workshops that have been held in the context of this project are listed below

Unfortunately, after the last workshop in February 2020, further workshop plans have been frustrated by the pandemic.

27-28 February 2020: Subject and Object, a workshop with Adrian Haddock (Stirling/Leipzig)

This workshop, for which the project collaborated with Leipzig’s FAGI (Research Center for Analytic German Idealism), was concerned with a book manuscript by Adrian Haddock, entitled “Subject and Object”, subtitled “How the I of Apperception Finds Itself in the World”. All contributions to this workshop were held in direct conversation with this book manuscript. Adrian Haddock waspresent to present the themes and theses of his book, and responded to each talk directly. We created, in this manner, an international forum for this most promising book, even before it reaches the final stage of publishing – while also allowing its author to take up what came up at our workshop in working towards its final version.

What: Workshop on Subject and Object
Where: Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, Utrecht
When: Thursday 27 and Friday 28 February 2020
Co-organized with Dawa Ometto (Leipzig University/FAGI), Robin Riemersma (UU)

Confirmed speakers:

Adrian Haddock (Stirling/Leipzig)
Dawa Ometto (Leipzig)
Steven Methven (Leipzig)
Vanessa Carr (Leipzig)
Rose Ryan Flinn (NYU)
Alexandra Newton (Riverside)
Niels van Miltenburg (Utrecht University)
Jesse M. Mulder (Utrecht University)

The full program is available here.

The first international workshop of the project took place on 24 and 25 January 2019. The theme was scientific pluralism; we had one day filled with disciplinary, philosophical contributions, and another day filled with contributions from various disciplines that illustrate how the need for a plurality of forms of understanding arises in those disciplines.This workshop was a collaboration between two VENI-projects: mine, and Annemarie Kalis’ project on the metaphysics of psychological attitudes. We had great help in making the workshop happen by our research intern Emma Young.

What: Workshop on Varieties of Understanding in Science
Where: Das Kabinett, Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht
When: Thursday 24 and Friday 25 January

The workshop programme can be found here.

On December 2-3, 2018, the project hosted a research collaboration meeting on Hegel and Aristotle on the metaphysics of mind. 

What: Research collaboration meeting
When: December 2-3, 2018
Where: Utrecht University
Attending researchers: Annet Goudriaan (UU), Niels van Miltenburg (UU), Jesse Mulder (UU), J.M. van Ophuijsen (UU), Joris Spigt (Leuven), Emma Young (UU).


On June 15, 2018, the project hosted a graduate conference on the work of Wilfrid Sellars. 

What: Graduate conference on Sellarsian philosophy
When: Friday, June 15, 2018, 13:30-17:30
Where: Utrecht University; Drift 6, room 007
  • 13:30 Opening by Jesse Mulder
  • 13:45 Auke Montessori: Eliminative Materialism According to Eliminative Materialism
  • 14:30 Wim Mol: Mind and Mind
  • 15:15 Short break with refreshments
  • 15:45 Dylan de Vries en Loren Bremmers: A Developmental-Psychological Perspective on the Framework of Persons in Sellarsian Philosophy
  • 16:45 Niels van Miltenburg: McDowell and the Myth of the Given